Drug Discovery and Development

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Modern drug discovery utilizes multidisciplinary project teams and attempts to simultaneously move forward with as many aspects of the overall drug discovery and development process as possible. This environment requires that scientists not only be deeply trained in their area of specialty, but also possess a broad background, vocabulary, and appreciation of the possibilities and limitations of related disciplines. UC San Diego Extension's professional certificate is designed to help meet that need.

Key Program Topics
  • A general overview of the drug discovery and development process
  • Key background material in biology or chemistry
  • Gain a basic understanding of the introductory concepts and use of toxicology
  • Get an overview of the application of pharmacokinetic concepts to all stages of drug development
  • Comprehensive understanding of the biochemical aspects of drug metabolism in the drug discovery process
  • Learn both the conceptual and current methodology being utilized in the discovery of new targets for drug intervention
Program Audience

This certificate is intended for individuals with educational backgrounds in chemical and biological sciences at the bachelor, masters, or Ph.D. level interested in entering or becoming more effective at working in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

Certificate Benefits
  • Comprehensive training designed to immerse you in the skills needed to successfully get started or advance your career
  • Immediately applicable skills to your research
  • Developed and taught by industry professionals
  • The addition of electives allows the student to round out their certificate education with courses that are most appropriate to their current or future career needs
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Certificate in Drug Discovery and Development

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