BSc (Hons) in Optometry

Dublin Institute of Technology
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Optometrists (also known as Ophthalmic Opticians) are health care professionals who provide primary eye care services. This 4-year honours degree programme provides an education in the sciences associated with vision and their practical application to the examination and assessment of visual functions and correction of sight by spectacles and contact lenses. As an Optometrist, you are responsible for the detection of eye diseases that may require medical attention. Conditions such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis are often first detected by an Optometrist.

The Optometry programme offered by DIT's Faculty of Science is the only Optometry course in the Republic of Ireland.  A survey of DT224 optometry students by the School of Physics, in 2015, showed that 92% of optometry students would recommend the BSc Optometry programme to a friend.


Salary expectations for a newly qualified optometristas (as at September 2016) €37K+ per annum in the Republic of Ireland and up to £45K per annum in the UK (dependant on location).

No shift work

No unsociable hours

No requirement to take work home

No finishing late (i.e. no unpaid overtime)

Job-related stress is minimal

Flexible (can work as a locum)

Offers the opportunity to own and operate one’s own business

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