Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences

Getting a thorough understanding of the molecular, individual and population aspects of human health and disease and specialising in a biomedical science of your choice.

Biomedical sciences is a broad field ranging from infectious diseases to toxicology, from epidemiology to immunology, and from medical neuroscience to cancer. It’s also broad in its approach to any one of these areas. Say, you are passionate about helping Alzheimer’s patients, you could pursue the disease mechanism at cellular or molecular level, try to understand how our brain can store memories in the first place, or address problems in the public health care system. The aim of all of this research is the same: improve the health and well-being of patients.

From molecule to man to population

Radboud University aims to educate the best biomedical scientists with not just a thorough understanding of the molecular, individual and population aspects of human health and disease, but also with unique areas of expertise. To do this we have constructed a Master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences that gives students the opportunity to construct their own programme based on personal academic and professional interests. You could, for example tackle the issues within human movement sciences from different angles ranging from exercise physiology and biomechanics to clinical neurorehabilitation.

Students can choose from one of three research institutes in Nijmegen as their learning environment, and a mentor of that institute will help design the self assembled programme.

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Change perspective

At Radboud University we know the scope of Biomedical Sciences and believe that researchers excel when working on a topic that they are passionate about. We therefore allow our students to determine the direction of their studies. Our programme is for inquisitive students with perseverance who want to make their own mark on the improvement of healthcare. Whether that is from a clinical, molecular or cognitive perspective.

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Career Prospects 

This Master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences will teach you refined research skills. However, at Radboud University we understand that not everyone wants to become a researcher. A biomedical scientist has lots of options. To help kick-start your career after graduation we offer you three career profiles. There are mandatory courses connected to each option, but also room to make your own choices: teaching internship, writing project, advisory report for a governmental agency or of course, another research internship.

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More Information

Program Duration

24 Months

Application Deadline


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Study Options

Full Time


Regular fees: 2083 EUR

International Fees : 12645 EUR

Funding Options

Medical Center Study Fund, Radboud Scholarship Programme, Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme, among others.


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